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December 31, 2008
















Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Channel: Discovery

Studio: Beyond Entertainment

Age: 10+

Review Rating: 8 out of 10


Two special effects experts, with 30 years of experience between them and three junior Mythbusters accompanying them, attempt to debunk urban myths by actually testing them live.


This show is really fantastic, especially if you can catch some of the earlier seasons, because frankly, these later seasons are running out of ideas and myths to test or bust. Nevertheless, every single episode includes an explosion of some kind, it’s a Mythbusters guarantee!


The two main hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, work very well together and that’s good, considering they’re rather opposite personality-wise. While Adam tosses stuff together and screams “Work!” when it doesn’t, Jamie will methodically plot out each and every single boring step with single minded determination. (And of course, Jamie’s ideas usually work.) Joining them, we have the junior Mythbusters who got relegated to full time in the later seasons: Tore Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara. And of course each of the assistant hosts have their own quirks. Grant will make a robot for, well gee, just about anything. Kari, despite or maybe because of being a vegetarian, usually gets stuck with the really strange animal jobs, like shaving a goat skin or rendering animal fat. And Tore, well, he’s just crazy and wants to do every single bodily stunt himself. Look at him go arse over teakettle repeatedly!


It’s generally rather difficult to make science and learning FUN. This show, by incorporating science in with big BOOMs and lots of laughter, manages it nicely.




Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008

December 30, 2008



Written by Alicia Glass

Website: Doctor Who


David Tennant returns as the tenth incarnation of everyone’s favorite alien on the ultimate journey, Doctor Who, for a white Christmas in 19th Century Victorian London!


That unfailingly blue phone booth that isn’t really a phone booth, the TARDIS, makes it’s comforting whirr whirr noise and opens the Doctor to a winter wonderland in Londontown, and a surprise. A new friend, a new Doctor actually, who already has a female companion (ironically named Rosita), and the both of them are doing their best to save Londontown! And the things, the things this new Doctor knows, he has to be the real deal right? Then our wonderfully melancholy protagonist wouldn’t be so alone. Alas, it isn’t, don’t kill me for puns, in the stars.


There’s another surprise roiling in Londontown on this fine Christmas Eve. The Cybermen have so totally landed, and look, they even already have a human convert. A woman, with a backbone of pure steel, is sending out the Cybermen to prepare the way for the Cyber King. The Cyber King will rise! Bear in mind though, that I think to the Cybermen, “King” is not a gender specific term.


All in all, it’s a fairly good episode. I enjoyed the Cyber Pets, portrayed by actors in furs suits with detached copper Cyber masks. And the man who thought he was the True Doctor, he had been doing his best to save Londontown from all evil, as the good Doctor pointed out. However, given the controversy and heresay around the issue of the next Doctor for the wildly popular Doctor Who BBC series, titling their Christmas 2008 episode “The Next Doctor” is just mean. I saw it anyway, totally sad rabid fan that I am, and did indeed enjoy it. Only Doctor Who could make Christmas campy and loveable and sci-fi and historical all at the same time!


Merry Christmas 2008 from Doctor Who!







The Scrubs Season 8 Ship Has Resurfaced

December 14, 2008

By Angie Quidimscrubs1

Looking for Season 8 information on when the heck Scrubs will be aired on NBC, I finally found my light at the end of the tunnel.  January 6th on ABC!!  Hopefully this info will satisfy all you Scrubs fan’s out there!

Article -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

Source:, TVGuide, EW. Zap2It

With Scrubs a little over a month away from premiering on ABC, the alphabet has released a quick sneak peek from an early season scene from Scrubs season 8.  The scene involves Scrubsnewcomer Courtney Cox, the famous comedy actress.  You can check out the exclusive video clip below.

Courtney Cox is still kind of a babe, and JD’s five o’clock shadow brings back memories of George Michael in his “Faith” days.  Do with that information what you will.

Scrubs Premiere Date and Schedule

Scrubs, finally, has been given its new time slot by ABC.  The series was always slated to re-appear sometime in mid-season, but no one knew when.  Now, we know.  In an official announcement today, ABC has proclaimed thatScrubs season 8 will premiere on Tuesday, January 6, at 9pm.  For two weeks, it will air back-to-back new episodes.  After that, it will fall into its regular Tuesday at 9:30pm time slot.  It has not been announced what will air in front of Scrubs, but the Mike Judge comedy The Goode Family seems the likely companion.


Scrubs season 8 will have sixteen episodes, and they have finished filming all of them.  

As reported previously, Scrubs season 8 will contain a wedding in the Bahamas.  It’s the Janitor’s wedding, and he invited 700 people at the last minute to try and get the presents.  JD calls his bluff and brings a group to the Bahamas.  The episode, which will be one hour, was actually filmed in the Bahamas.  

Much of the season will focus on the main characters’ relationships with the new interns, who will be played by Aziz Ansari, Eliza Coupe, Betsy Beutler and Lee Thompson Young.  It’s possible that Scrubs will have a ninth season in which the interns become the main characters.  

Guest stars for Scrubs season 8 include these actors who have previously appeared on Scrubs: Elizabeth Banks, Scott Foley, Tom Cavanagh, Amy Smart, and Nicole Sullivan.  

Courtney Cox will play the the Chief of Medicine for three episodes.  No one will particularly like her.  

Scott Foley and Elizabeth Banks’ characters will actually be dating, which isn’t going to make JD or Elliot all that pleased.

Turk and Carla will be planning to have another child. 

And, yes – Elliot and JD will reconnect, and the finale will deal with the two of them.


Legend of the Seeker

December 10, 2008



Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Writer: Terry Goodkind

Studio: ABC Studios

Age: 13+

Review Rating: 7


Based on the Sword of Truth book series by Terry Goodkind, Legend of the Seeker involves the extraordinary journey of a group of rebels trying to overthrow a dark tyrant, led by the legendary Seeker.


Richard Cypher is, or was, a forest man who recently got told that he was the Seeker, that famous figure that rose out of many years of oppression by Darken Rahl, to bring down that tyrant. Joined by Kahlan, a Confessor of amazing powers, and Zed, the great Wizard who’s also Richard’s grandfather, they trek off to find Darken Rahl and hopefully end his reign of terror. Along the way there are a great many adventures and lessons because after all, the Seeker needs to be a loyal army to combat Rahl.


This show presents a rather serious problem, and that is a horrible pun. As in, the show isn’t serious enough. Having read all the Sword of Truth books myself, I can tell you they get awfully adult about their subject matter and what happens to the main protagonists Richard and Kahlan. However this series, the television show that is, is being made by the same people who made the wildly popular Hercules: The Legendary Journies and Xena: Warrior Princess. Which means, essentially taking the main characters and small bits of plot from any story and then throwing lots of camp into it. It is incredibly difficult for me to watch the great Seeker get a spell cast on him and then run around bumbling because everyone thinks he’s someone else. But then, I don’t think this series can go too far into just how much poor Richard is tortured and broken. The latest episode I saw did involve one of the Boxes of Orden, so maybe there’s hope.


But that does bring us to another problem. If you have read the books the show is based off of, you’re likely to be unamused with how the show is being presented. There’s little linear sequence like the books and too much camp. But then if you haven’t read the books, there’s no real reason for you to have heard of the show to begin with. Legend of the Seeker wasn’t widely advertised as far as I saw, and still isn’t, really. I guess the shows producers are hoping word of mouth will work; it sometimes does.


Some people like cross-overs. Personally, I’m giving the show a few more episodes to hopefully get back on the book track.



December 10, 2008



Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Company: Clyde Phillips Productions

Studio: Showtime

Age: 17+

Review Rating: 9 out of 10


Dexter Morgan is a Miami Police Department blood forensics analyst by day and moonlights as a vigilante serial killer by night. Based on the “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” books by Jeff Lindsay.


You wouldn’t think that a show about a murdering serial killer would steal everyones heart, but there you have it. Dexter is incredibly popular, already on its third season, and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. The Dexter panel at this years Comic-Con 2008 was so packed, they had to stop letting people into the Hall before the panel even started, and there was almost a riot!


Dexter is a remarkably complicated character, a self admitted monster, who has all sorts of rules and especially the Code, to keep him from getting caught. His adoptive policeman father Harry, who discovered what Dexter was at an early age and actually helped Dexter control his urges by allowing them to flower in tightly confined ways, along with coming up with the Code, is an amazement to watch. Dexter’s sister Debra also works for the Miami police department, but she’s a rabid fan of the legal way of doing things for the most part, and generally skates along on one horrid boyfriend after another. Dexter has a girlfriend, Rita, who has two small children and is coming off a bad divorce, so in the beginning she’s meek and broken and the perfect cover for Dexter. (Just wait til Rita grows a pair; it happens.)


At the police department where Dexter works, we have La Guerta, the female police Lieutenant who’s usually a bureaucrat, but tries to hold everything together when things get insane. Sergeant James Doakes suspects Dexter of everything he can possibly think of, and is determined to expose him. And the other Detectives, Angel Batista, and Vince Masuka provide background that beefs up the story. Not that it needs it, but hey, we can’t have Dexter killing bad guys 24-7, much as we’d like to.


Almost every episode is narrated by Dexter himself, as the action happens, so you can hear him plot in a thorough and methodical way. Somehow, the TV show gods ended up picking just the right person to play Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall of Six Feet Under fame does a phenomenal job.


Most people can’t get enough of Dexter. Whether it’s serial killing monster or avenging vigilante, Dexter is the next generation of entertainment at it’s finest!


Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

December 3, 2008









Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Director: Andrew Zimmern

Studio: Travel Channel

Age: 10+

Review Rating: 8 out of 10


Chef, culinary critic and explorer Andrew Zimmern travels the world in search of the most bizarre foods you’ve never heard of to try!


This really is a fun little show for most people to enjoy. Andrew Zimmern is a fine affable fellow, always ready to laugh at himself and never sparing of the kind word for any country he visits and tasty treats he tries, no matter how weird. Most of the shows are interspliced with little tidbits about the culture of the area Andrew visits, along with trivia about the food he’s eating, the nutritional value, and any other esoteric information they can get away with.


This is a reality show, and often has shots of Andrew right out there on the farm or ranch as the slaughtering of whatever meat he’s about to eat commences, be warned. And well yes, some of the food he eats might make you a bit nauseous, like bull’s testicles. (You wish I was kidding.) Try the Niache in Chile, it’s actually seasoned lamb’s blood, kind of like a pudding. Or Hakari in Iceland, which is approximately eight week old petrified shark, sort of vaguely like a cheese according to Andrew. Or in China, there’s the restaurant that serves Andrew the only thing on it’s menu, in an array of styles: penis. Oh yes. And of course, Andrew does make regular visits to his home, the United States, where he still manages to find all sorts of Bizarre Foods to impress, or scare, viewers with!


This is one of those little-known gems of a show that is always worth a look, if for no other reason than to see Andrew’s face when he tries to gulp down a cow’s urine tonic made just for him in Goa, India!


The Lost Room

December 2, 2008


Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: Lions Gate Films

Age: 17+

Review Rating: 8 out of 10


A police detective stumbles across a key that will open any door, and leads to a room in an alternate dimension, sparking a web of intrigue concerning The Lost Room.


That’s actually a very lousy sum up of the intricate plots and seemingly random sparks of brilliance that this series employs. This is actually a fantastic series, where nothing is as you expect it to be, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary!


So, we have Detective Joe Miller and his daughter Anna, Joe’s partner Destefano, the forensics guy Martin Ruber, and a whole host of other characters introduced in the first episode. We also have this innocuous little motel room key, that ends up in the hands of Miller, and of course, that his daughter eventually finds out about and whoop, off she disappears into the room in an alternate dimension or whatever it is. (They never get too specific about it.) Miller discovers that there are other objects like the key, all somehow connected to that lost motel room, and these objects are pursued and hunted through the country by fans and addicts and zealots alike. On this hand we have The Order, religious nutjobs who think that if they get all the sacred objects together, they can talk to God. On the other hand, we have The Legion, another cabal dedicated to the collection of the objects, but only for safekeeping, we swear. Combine all this muckery with the Collectors of the past, the original folk who tried to experiment with the objects and caused things to go horribly awry, and we have a big big mess, all out hunting Miller. While Miller, whether he’s oblivious or just plain stubborn, stuck on whatever it will take to bring his daughter back from the room, plows a merry destructive way through all of them!



It’s a real shame this was only a 6-part miniseries on the Scifi channel. If they ever bring it back for an afternoon run, The Lost Room is a ride worth taking!