Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008

December 30, 2008



Written by Alicia Glass

Website: Doctor Who


David Tennant returns as the tenth incarnation of everyone’s favorite alien on the ultimate journey, Doctor Who, for a white Christmas in 19th Century Victorian London!


That unfailingly blue phone booth that isn’t really a phone booth, the TARDIS, makes it’s comforting whirr whirr noise and opens the Doctor to a winter wonderland in Londontown, and a surprise. A new friend, a new Doctor actually, who already has a female companion (ironically named Rosita), and the both of them are doing their best to save Londontown! And the things, the things this new Doctor knows, he has to be the real deal right? Then our wonderfully melancholy protagonist wouldn’t be so alone. Alas, it isn’t, don’t kill me for puns, in the stars.


There’s another surprise roiling in Londontown on this fine Christmas Eve. The Cybermen have so totally landed, and look, they even already have a human convert. A woman, with a backbone of pure steel, is sending out the Cybermen to prepare the way for the Cyber King. The Cyber King will rise! Bear in mind though, that I think to the Cybermen, “King” is not a gender specific term.


All in all, it’s a fairly good episode. I enjoyed the Cyber Pets, portrayed by actors in furs suits with detached copper Cyber masks. And the man who thought he was the True Doctor, he had been doing his best to save Londontown from all evil, as the good Doctor pointed out. However, given the controversy and heresay around the issue of the next Doctor for the wildly popular Doctor Who BBC series, titling their Christmas 2008 episode “The Next Doctor” is just mean. I saw it anyway, totally sad rabid fan that I am, and did indeed enjoy it. Only Doctor Who could make Christmas campy and loveable and sci-fi and historical all at the same time!


Merry Christmas 2008 from Doctor Who!







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