BBC Robin Hood Season 3

April 17, 2009


Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: BBC

Age: 14+

Review Rating: 8.5 out of 10


Robin Hood, renewed with vigor despite the loss of Marian,  and his intrepid band of men are back to battle the increasingly evil Sheriff, Gisborn, and a whole new cast of bad guys!


So Robin’s lost Marian and he’s all kinds of enraged at Gisborn, back near Nottingham ready to take his revenge and forever cast away the mantle of the curse of Robin Hood. That’s about when, in the first episode of this wonderful new season after Robin’s effectively sent off all his men with the worst possible things he could say to them, that’s when Tuck shows up. Oh yes folks, they’re finally thrown in that adorable character Friar Tuck! Although this one is certainly different from other Tucks I’ve known: he kicks serious bad guy butt, he’s an educated man, and has an almost religious belief in the hope and light that the legend of Robin Hood brings to the people. And he, without giving the whole episode away, manages to bring back Robin’s sense of self worth and belief in his own legend, reunited with his faithful band of men, complete with an eclipse! And that’s only the first episode.


The plots they’re using for this new season are nothing short of amazing. Not necessarily adhering to the traditional Robin Hood storyline, these new episodes are nevertheless a much more serious look at what could have happened to Robin Hood had his legend actually continued. Take episode two for example: the Sheriff is dealing under the table with some Irish noblemen who are actually enemies of Prince John, when those Irish Noblemen get wind of the hero Robin Hood and actually ask him to join their wars. Who could’ve seen that one coming? And then, it just gets better, episode three! In which the Sheriff cons an Abbott into falsely demonizing Robin Hood and all his men, with the threat of exposing the Abbott’s secret to the world if he doesn’t comply. And what hold does the Sheriff have over the Abbott? (Yes I am going to ruin it for you, I just have to squee.) The Abbott has spent the last ten years secretly converting the Bible from Latin to written English. Think what that would mean for England! Right? And the whole show just takes off with a bang from there!


If this season continues on the way it has been, there’s no doubt BBC Robin Hood, which already has a fanatically devoted following, will gain many more!





  1. I like this Robin Hood (well, I would wouldn’t I?) but no-one has explained why Friar Tuck is black. This is a question no-one seems to want to ask for fear of being branded racist but there seem to be two possible explanations:

    1 – He’s a token, just to be PC
    2 – The TV people have copied the idea from Kevin Costner’s film (the Morgan Freeman character)

    or, both of the above.

    I’m not sure how many black friars there would have been in England in the 13th Century… maybe more than I think.

  2. How can you kill Robin Hood? I understand a show trying to reinvent itself…but how do you kill the main character? If there is no budget for the show then I am happy that it at least pushed out far enough to end with a respectable conclusion. I understand there is no fourth season and should have never expected a show such as this to last for too long, but thanks anyways for trying.

  3. you can say that morgan freeman is one of the most versatile actors that we have today “”

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