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Nip/Tuck Season 5

July 3, 2009


Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: FX

Age: 17+

Review Rating: 8


Doctors McNamara and Troy have moved their plastic surgery practice, plus assorted baggage, friends, and family, from Miami to California.


This has got to be one of those shows that stretches boundaries on tv completely out of shape, if not breaking them entirely. Full-back nudity, plenty of cursing, and adult themes out the yin-yang. However, Nip/Tuck almost always has some strange case of a person coming to the Doctors for some wacky surgery, rather than focusing entirely on the complicated stories of the doc’s lives, and thus keeps the showing jumping and interesting. You kind of have to keep those things, because at this point the story of Christian and Sean’s lives is so infernally snarled up, you might as well watch the whole series from beginning to now, to get every single thing that’s going on.


So, lets see. Julia lost her lesbian lover Olivia to a combination of stress, pills and surgery and decided to go to New York without her anyways, and frankly good riddance. I like Joely Richardson just fine, but her character Julia gets on my nerves. Christian rides out cancer and chemotherapy only to find that hardcore lesbian anesthesiologist Liz is his one true friend. Really? So what does he do when he gets wind that the cancer has come back and he only has 6 months left to live? He proposes to Liz, of course. *boggle* Kimber’s gone from drug addict psycho mother to, well, porn star who wants her beautiful baby girl to get injections to fix her ‘thin villainous lips’. Eden, who’s still around despite everyone’s fervent wishes, takes up with Ram and gets into the porn industry, what a shocker. Dear little confused son Matt, after deciding to become a surgeon like father Sean, decides it’s too hard after all sorts of disheartening adventures trying, and turns to, get ready for it, acting. And Sean, after a stint on a dramatic television series called Hearts and Scalpels, and a run-in with the completely psychotic agent-turned-stalker with the fetish for teddy bears Colleen, has now taken up all sorts of age-defying events, like trying peyote the night before he has to work, to impress his new girlfriend Teddy. Teddy, whom some of you might recognize as oh my god it’s Starbuck, or rather Katee Sackhoff, was the replacement anesthesiologist when Liz quit, and now that Liz has come back, the two seem to share the job. And of course Teddy has a bunch of dark secrets of her own, this is, after all, Nip/Tuck.


Season five isn’t bad. The TV gods did manage to keep the show going and I genuinely hope it doesn’t get cancelled, not after the cliffhanger they left Christian on. However, I do sometimes wish for the flash and pace of Season 3, which I generally think of as the best one, starring The Carver.



Nip/Tuck has a lot more fans than you might think, and is a sordid, sharp and titillating guilty pleasure.