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December 17, 2009











Smallville Ultimate Justice, made-for-tv movie featuring Hawkman, Dr. Fate and Stargirl
















Dexter Season 4 finale breaks Showtime ratings records at 3 million in one night

The mid-season tv that you want to see returning schedule, courtesy of the Ausiello Files












Scooped by Alicia Glass


SyFy’s Alice

December 14, 2009

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Director: Nick Willing

Age: 17+

Website: Alice

Review Rating: 9

 A hundred years or so after the original adventure through wonderland, a new kickass Alice finds her way to a signifigantly changed Wonderland to look for her boyfriend Jack.

 This is an incredibly fantastic piece of work from the Tin-Man folks! If you can envision the original Alice in Wonderland story as a somewhat dark and wicked adventure for children, then this new Alice is like that, but for adults!

 The changes are big: this new Alice has long black hair and looks a lot like American McGee’s Alice, plus she knows karate! The Red Queen, played by the ever-imposing Kathy Bates, is still lopping off heads, but she now runs the biggest pleasure Casino in Wonderland. The Casino is stuffed with humans culled from the real world, referred to as “oysters”, who are drained of their emotions as the House of Cards lets them win and win and win, and eventually the ultimate prize: death, at the hands of soul drainage. The Mad Hatter is a thief and middle man, trying to balance the Queen’s wrath and the Resistance that fights them. The Dodo, a soldier for the Resistance who’s gone a little mad with it, is acted by the ever wicked and scheming Tim Curry! The March Hare is actually this assassin guy who had the bad taste to get killed, and is reinvented as a cyborg killing machine with, you guessed it, a rabbits head from a mad scientist. And of course, leader of the Resistance itself is the never-forgettable Caterpillar, complete with his hookah! And, quite possibly my favorite part: the Queen’s Suits (as in troops) have suits (as in playing cards) on their suits (as in clothing)! I am liking to die of amused cackles!

It’s not for everyone, and you do really need to be an Alice in Wonderland fan in order to truly appreciate this fine piece of original tv. But for those of you that are, and I know there are lots, this is truly a Wonderland of adult entertainment!