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Syfy Channel’s Alice

March 30, 2010

reviewed by Connie Canseco

Don’t bottle up your emotions. It doesn’t do anyone any good.

Well not in the real world but in Wonderland….

 In Nick Willings’ Alice, that is exactly what the Red Queen and her suits do, for a profit.

 Syfy Channel’s Alice takes place approximately 150 years after the original Alice in Wonderland.  Alice is a strong and independent martial arts instructor who is looking for something or someone…

 Alice is introduced to this world when her boyfriend, Jack Chase, after trying to give her an antique ring had been abducted by the White Rabbit group.  What she doesn’t realize is the ring is actually the Stone of Wonderland, the key to the portal from our world to there.  Not known to her, when she steps through the looking glass, she will enter a world of danger, deception and self discovery.

 She is quickly captured by the “suits” and is transported to the Queen’s Casino, run by the Red Queen herself.  Here, Oysters, what humans are called, are kept and drained of their emotions.  Emotions are bottled up and consumed by the highest bidder in teahouse, where Wonderlanders use them like designer drugs.  Alice escapes her cell and find and old drifter who takes her to meet up with a resistance fighter against the Queen.  She meets the Hatter.

 Hatter explains the rules of Wonderland and that years ago, all was not as it seemed.  He and the rest of the resistance is trying to bring Wonderland back to the glory of yesteryear and that the last time Wonderland was right was when “Alice” overthrew the queen.  Depending on the trodden spirit of the resistance fighters, Hatter is hoping that Alice will bring new hope and inspiration to the fight.

 Through out the story, we meet characters who are not who they seem.  Strength and honor are still good.  Deception and selfishness is still bad.  We are all heroes and ultimately,evil will fall like a house of cards.


IHow to Catch Up on V

March 24, 2010

Did you know Earth was invaded by aliens on November 3rd, 2009? There’s a good chance you don’t have all the facts, because ABC’s V only aired four episodes before taking its winter break. This re-imagining of the 80s miniseries about the world’s first encounter with an alien race was seen by quite a few viewers, but we know a lot of you may have missed it.

But if you would like to check the series out before it returns with new episodes next week, you’re in luck. There are several places V‘s already-aired episodes can be watched online, including at the following links:


If you’re not a big fan of streaming video (or paying for the episodes on iTunes), or simply don’t have the time to watch those four episodes, but would still like to jump onboard V, ABC can help, with their new one-hour special. Airing on Tuesday, March 23rd at 10:00pm EST, “V: The Arrival” will recap all four episodes and will prepare viewers for what the rest of the season has to offer.

V will return with regular episodes starting Tuesday, March 30th at 10:00pm EST, following Lost.



New Futurama Teaser

March 24, 2010

On June 24th, the wait will be over. The resurrected Futurama will begin airing new episodes on Comedy Central. Check out Comedy Central’s new teaser video for the upcoming Season 6.



True Blood Season 3 Teaser

March 24, 2010

Waiting sucks” indeed.

Truth be told, there’s not a lot going on in this ultimate tease of a teaser for True Blood‘s Season 3. We see a glimpse of Sookie (Anna Paquin) next to a long-haired dude with tattoos. A shot of Sookie holding a gun. And a shot of a bloody/bloodied (?) Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) brawling with the tattooed man. “Who sent you!?” he screams.

With Bill off now on his own Bill adventures (see: kidnapped), it looks like Sookie and Eric will be having some adventures of their own. You may or may not want to add “in bed” to that last statement.



Nip/Tuck Series Finale

March 12, 2010

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Creator: Ryan Murphy

Studio: FX

Age: 17+

Review Rating: 8

Warning! Spoiler Review!


So what we have here is a small rundown on the series finale of one of my more favorite shows, the weird wild and wonderful Nip/Tuck. They finally decided to end the show, for whatever reason; I find it hard to believe the TV gods actually ran out of ideas for this show. But then, maybe they had done every single last dirty, depraved and dark thing they could think of on the show, and decided to let Christian and Sean go gracefully. Well, kind of.

Let’s see if we can’t sum up everything. Julia’s back briefly, to inform Sean she’s getting remarried and taking the kids to England. Liz is pregnant, by Sean’s own sperm, and starting to get tetchy when Sean gets overcrowding. Liz is also finally made a partner at McNamara/Troy. Her Royal Wickedness Ava is back, to tempt Matt from the straight and narrow, not that he needed help, but this time she brought the baby Rafael that she stole from some orphanage, and wants McNamara/Troy to fix the blemishes on the babies’ body. Christian is still Christian, unapologetic womanizer, but now he’s missing his wife Kimber – poor thing took a nose dive off a ship after Christian caught her in a very vulnerable moment. Wilbur, Christian’s roundabout adopted son (like everything else in Nip/Tuck, it’s complicated) is still around, but only in the very last episode of the season. And finally, after much soul searching, Christian dissolves their longtime partnership and sends Sean and the abandoned Rafael off to Bucharest, where Sean can be “father” and healer to thousands of needy children. Oh yeah, and Matt and Ava are taking off with Jenna to god knows where, so they can have the perfect dysfunctional family together, finally.

After all that’s happened with our beloved plastic surgeons, the wrap up of the show seems almost anticlimactic. Sure, they brought in a whole bunch of regulars that haven’t been really seen on the show in awhile, for the epic finale reunion I would guess, but come ON – it’s Nip/Tuck! There should’ve been at least one screaming fight, one surprise twist, one thing you didn’t see coming, and there really wasn’t. It seems a sad, aging way to end an always surprising if not enjoyable show, and a great deal of this final season was like that. I did however greatly enjoy the episode where Sean and Christian attend couples therapy to reflect on their long relationship, and all sorts of new things come to light. Nevertheless, to the writers, creators, actors and all the slice-of-life Nip/Tuck fans, I say, it’s been a great six years, and here’s hoping you folks can come up with something equally great.