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Justice League the complete series

April 20, 2010

by Norman Canseco


At Last!! all 91 episodes of the DC animated Series The Justice League is available in a 14-disc Collection along with bonus features and creator commentaries. Join Batman, Superman, and Wonder Women on thier extraordinary adventures as they are joined by The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawk Girl and Martian Manhunter.  Based in an orbital space station known as the Watch Tower the Seven superheroes take on the villains from all over the world and even out of this world.

            The First half of the collection coverrs the two seasons of the original series where the other half covers Justice league Unlimited where the original seven superheroes recruit more of Earths finest defenders to assemble a Formidable Force to expand their coverage for the safety of Earth. With action packed stories , Epic battles , domestic and extraterrestrial conflicts, The Justice League collection definitely delivers.


Human Target

April 15, 2010


Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: Bonanza Productions

Review Rating: 7

Ex-mercenary Christopher Chance, Ex-Cop Winston, and Ex-who-knows Guerrero band together to run a business that involves getting good people out of very tight spots, with the Mafia, the military, and just about everything in between.

So far, I am sorry to say given that it IS a Fox Network show, Human Target has managed to stay as simple filler for me. Sure, I have it set to record on the DVR, and sure, I watch it soon after the show is recorded. But I, if given the choice, would just as soon watch Burn Notice, which has a very similar if not better premise. And well, they were here first.

Mark Valley stars as Chance, and he does a certainly creditable job for the character they gave him, which I’m sorry to say wasn’t much. Chi McBride lends dry comedy as ex-cop and business managing worrywart Winston, I’ve always liked McBride, and this particular character seems a walk in the park for him. And of course, my personal favorite, Jackie Earl Haley, soon to be the next Freddy Krueger, lends signifigant nutty power to the character of Guerrero. The little guy, compared to the rest of them, is indeed the scariest and most dangerous of all – you’re never sure whether “What’s up dude?” or “DIE!” is going to fall out of Guerrero’s mouth.

The show of course follows the fairly standard method of several episodes establishing the character of the three main guys, mostly with Chance himself running around saving people, often attractive women mixed up in something they oh gee can’t handle, with Guerrero and Winston running backup. Late in the season they decided to continue with the standard lineup, which is to say the time came to dive into Chance’s own backstory. But well, they failed to catch my interest. We know Chance is a former mercenary who had a change of heart when he failed to protect the woman he was supposed to execute but went on the run with instead, and it haunts him still. That’s so unoriginal it’s just sad. What I’d really like is Winston and Guerrero’s back story, personally. The secondary characters never get enough backstory attention in my opinion.

Human Target just recently aired Season 1’s finale, which I take to mean Season 2 is already in the works. Here’s hoping, with plenty of boring groundwork laid, we can go back to the FUN blow-stuff-up scenes!


The Next Doctor Who!

April 13, 2010


The Eleventh Doctor Who is here! Matt Smith stars as the newest Doctor, and with two brand new episodes gracing BBC already, the response is overwhelmingly positive. Fans are flocking to the web to give their opinion, so here’s mine!

The next Doctor strikes me as an interesting mix of the two previous modern-take Doctors: the dark melancholy and sense of humor of Christopher Eccelston, and the sprightly determination of David Tennant. Smith’s brunette pompadour and dark eyes give a nice contrast to the awful wardrobe selected for this latest Doctor, all tweeds and a bow-tie that in all honesty, needs to go. And this new Doctor, after accidentally destroying the last one, gets a brand new Sonic Screwdriver that’s green!

The latest Doctor companion is one Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillian, sporting long red hair and a very passionate personality – perfect counterpoint for an admittedly darkly countenanced Doctor. And while she’s certainly doing a fine job thus far, let’s face it, we’re all here to watch the wacky and wonderful new Doctor!

And, with the advent of everything new, the show has received a brand new title sequence, with new music too! The inside of the TARDIS has gotten a makeover, you can go check it out on the BBC website. Every last thing is new, and BBC’s effort to make things as nifty (and hopefully popular) as they were before, that gave DW such a huge fanbase, is nothing short of a miracle.

I do think it’s a bit of a shame that the TV writer Gods decided to bring the Dalek storyline back in to DW so quickly though. Yes, we know it had to be in there someplace, given Doc’s history with the Daleks, but it doesn’t need to be the third freaking episode.

Whether you’re a fan of the very-old series, the modern-take Doctors, or a first-timer to the Doctor Who universe, the 11th Doctor is a surprise and delight for most, with many surprises for the fans new and old, up his tweed sleeves!

 Written by Alicia Glass


The Last Season of 24

April 2, 2010


Warning! Spoiler Rant!

Ranted by Alicia Glass

So, wait, it was announced recently that this will indeed be the last season of 24. And you geniuses, why is that? There is a good deal of great stuff in this last season, but then, also a lot of horrible stuff. On to it then!

First off, it’s great to have Jack Bauer back. And here he is once again, in the thick of things, leading his own elite CTU team off to chase down, what is it this time, nuclear fuel rods? Sure. Kiefer Sutherland in all black with a huge gun is always an awesome time. Renee Walker has been brought back after a stint with some hardcore Russians, to prove that she not only has become essentially a female version of Jack, but that she can do him one better – or crazier.

Counter Terrorist Unit or CTU, is back up and running in an all kinds of high tech great googly moogly, and yet wait, they get taken out by a single EMP blast that was in the car tunnel, and not even in the main hall? Come on.

Brian Hastings is the new head of CTU and frankly, I don’t much care for the character, he hasn’t been firm or loyal enough yet to compare to the former CTU leaders, and Bauer has signifigantly let him know that too.

Everyone’s favorite intractable analyst Chloe is back at CTU, and her loyalty to Jack is never in question. But now, she has to contend with a bunch of new people and a new CTU, plus a woman who seems to be more or less vying for her job – Dana Walsh.

Dana Walsh, the new character they waltzed in on the show’s last breath, is a mass of contradictions and I don’t care for really any of them. First she starts off as the go-to gal, systems analyst and engaged to field ops man Cole. Then her supposed past is catching up to her, former murder and jail time supposedly, and she goes from meek and mild and whatever you want, to theft and outright murder. And now, due to the happy little preview blurbs 24 has been winging at us die-hard fans, we know Walsh is in league with the terrorists threatening to blow up Manhattan. Right.

And here we come to the big bad threat for this final season: a peace conference between the middle east’s President Hassan and U.S. President Allison Taylor, during which it gets known that nuclear fuel rods have been smuggled into the U.S. to make a dirty bomb and a big ole statement. First it was the Germans smuggling and being mean to Jack and Renee, Jurgen Prochnow is a fantastic actor and always will be. Then it was President Hassan’s brother, and his cadre of bad guy middle-easterners. Now, soon anyway, it will be Dana Walsh and whoever else is working with her, plus the bad guys, detonating a big bad dirty bomb in Manhattan!

Or will it? Everyone’s favorite badass Jack Bauer had better save the day, the literal 24 hours of the show, once again. Of course, after all that funnery, ending the show without doing something horrible to the mainstay cast is unlikely. Personally, I’m all for Jack and Renee to get together, demolish the new CTU and go off to live short but expensive lives as mercenaries. What do you think?