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Doctor Who Insta-Reaction — The Big Bang

June 28, 2010

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Warning! Total Spoiler Review!

So where did we leave off, from the two-parter episode The Pandorica Opens, where at the end the Doctor got tossed into the Pandorica by a whole lot of Big Bads, since yknow it’s his fault the cracks are appearing in time and all. Rory the Roman robot has killed poor Amy, and the redoubtable River Song made an epic FAiL trying to fly the TARDIS. But but but but, wait, sealing off the Doctor means time and space is gonna do a polka dance into nothingness!

And here we are, with little Amelia getting her older more grim self out of the Pandorica, that managed to keep Amy Pond alive even after the Rory-bot took her out. And that’s the start of the episode. Squee!

I feel bad for the TARDIS, it had to perma-explode for awhile in order to fix space and time. Amy Pond finally gets her wedding to Rory, but just has to stop right in the middle of it to bring back the guest of honor – the Raggedy Doctor. And bring him back she does, cuz you know, before that the Doctor was just a vague memory held by a very precious few. And yet here he is, in a top hat and tails for her wedding, exiting that wonderful blue box!

And for those of you confused folks just like me, who kept panicking when they heard BBC talking about the Doctor Who Series finale, fear not – the end of Big Bang promises a return of Doctor Who at Christmas 2010!