‘Glee’ Cast Gives Fans Advance Halloween Treat

October 26, 2010

source mb.com

The popular cast of the hit TV musical show, “Glee,” recently gave their fans, select media and some VIPs an advance Halloween treat by giving an advance screening of their “Rocky Horror Picture Show” tribute episode at the Nuart Theatre in West Los Angeles.

Fans, who were encouraged to dress in costumes, packed the midnight screening of “The Rocky Horror Glee Show.”

In the episode, the thrill begins when Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) decides to have the glee club perform “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” for the annual school musical after learning of Emma Pillsbury’s (Jayma Mays) newfound love for the cult classic.

Despite Sue Sylvester’s (Jane Lynch) usual scheming, the members of New Directions inject their distinctive style to such timeless tracks as “The Time Warp” and “Damn It, Janet.”

During our recent “Glee” set visit at the Paramount Pictures Studios, we sat with the cast as they talked about their experience in the Halloween-themed episode that will be shown in the US on Tuesday, October 26.

“Glee” creator-writer Ryan Murphy told his cast, “You can say who you play.”

But the “Eat Pray Love” director added, “The only mystery we’re keeping a secret is which of the guys had to wear those gold lame briefs. The reason we did that musical was because Adam Shankman directed it. That musical really captures the spirit of ‘Glee.’ I remember being 13 or 14 years old and going to see it. There were many other people around who didn’t fit in their school and no one loved them or cared about them. It was just a feeling of community and sort of outsiders. I thought, ‘Oh, that works great for the show.’ So we really do pay tribute to it. It’s is our first album that we put out (in this season). It is called ‘The Rocky Horror Glee Show Album.’ (The album is released in Manila by Sony Music Entertainment Philippines.) It came out mid-October for Halloween.”

Cory Monteith, who is Finn Hudson in the series, disclosed he was playing Brad Majors. Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams) revealed he was “the professor of criminology.” Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) said she was Janet and Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones) told us she was Frank N Further.

Matthew disclosed, “I am the director.”

Ryan added, “Matt does a great number with Jayma where she does ‘Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a Touch Me,’ the Susan Sarandon song which was actually Jayma’s audition piece for the show.”

Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel) revealed, “I play Riff Raff. I was very excited. I begged them to let me do Riff Raff and I had to be in the make-up chair two hours every day to get the bald cap on and the wig. I was a little carried away with the character so I have a huge bruise on my elbow but it was so much fun. It is one of the best things we’ve done on the show so far.”

Heather Morris (Brittany Pierce) and Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang) both play Columbia.

Jenna added, “I also got to play another partygoer so I get to wear lots of wigs. None of us was recognizable. Heather looked just like Columbia.”

Heather quipped, “Yeah, it was weird. I morphed from Brittany to Columbia.”

Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray) said, “I got to play Magenta. I was so excited because I loved the film growing up. My mom also did not understand why I liked ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ so I had to hide watching it because she thinks the movie is inappropriate for me. I walked past Ryan and I was saying, ‘Who’s playing Magenta?’ and then walk away.” She laughed.

“It was so much fun,” she revealed. “I just love dressing up. I think that was a part of me that was instilled as a kid and I never lost it. It was really fun.”

“I play the lips,” Mark Salling (Noah “Puck” Puckerman) said and laughed. “I’d never seen the show before so I watched it when I found out we were going to do it.”

“It’s so great because there’s no point to the movie,” Chris added. “There’s a little bit of a plot but the whole point of the movie is just to have fun. I mean, how great is that just to interact and have a good time. There’s no message or anything. Just have a good time. It did really fit well with us.”

And to the “Glee” fans who were at the advance screening, having a good time and lots of fun was exactly what they did!


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