TV we all watch it and truthfully its hard to live without it.  We try to cover it all. Shows, news, events we try to get a handle of it all but we cant do it alone.  If you are interested in becoming part of the telediction team please contact Alicia Glass (alicia@thetestmarketevolution.com).

About TMETME (The Testmarket Evolution) is about people informing other people about what is entertaining to them.  TME community members can share what they see, hear and experience.  We make that accessible to the entire community through blogs, video and podcasts. We are dedicated to bringing information to the public that isn’t tainted by some paid professional writer who reads press releases or watches one movie and calls it an accurate assessment. We let the public decide on what is buzzworthy and what is not.   We try to introduce people to what certain things are and give them a baby step approach to things like Manga, First Person Shooters or even a Foreign Film.




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