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Lost Season Five

January 26, 2009


Reviewed by Alicia Glass


Creator: J.J. Abrams

Studio: ABC Studios

Age: 17+

Review Rating: 7.5


Warning! Spoiler Review!


The Oceanic Six have made it back to the real world, and Season Five is all about them and the survivors left back on the island trying to fix the rather terrible problems they’ve all created.


This Season, Lost has gone very very Sci-Fi. That is to say, in very simplistic terms, that the island itself is now skipping through time, and so are all the survivors back on it. And, the Oceanic Six that got away, are all now realizing that things are completely screwed even where (and when) they are, and some are getting ready to go back to the island. Of course, they haven’t said how yet, but us die-hard Lost fans know the impossible-to-guess Benjamin Linus will have something up his sleeve, he always does.


Unfortunately, unless you’re a rabid Lost fan like me and have seen every single episode, more or less in sequence, and watched the show again in reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel, for Season Five you will be completely lost if you try to watch it as a stand-alone. By itself, without serious backstory coverage, Season Five is frankly impossible to get. But then, since reruns are available in a few places now, why not watch the whole show?


And as far as the apparent main plot hooks of Season Five, such as an entire island skipping through time, I would say it’s entirely possible. The island’s already had polar bears in the jungle, scary smoke monsters, human experiments of every dark shade imaginable, and other strange things. Why not time travel?


Most Lost fans are ready for the bizarre, and Season Five delivers!




New CSI: LV Cast!

January 5, 2009


Yes, it is a sad day for a great many of us loyal CSI Las Vegas fans, as William Peterson, who starred as the wonderfully quirky Gil Grissom, decides to leave the show. Try not to despair too hard, die-hard fans, because the TV gods have actually come up with a worthy replacement.




That’s right fans and friends and odds and ends, the totally rock your world cool Laurence Fishburne is coming to CSI! Technically he’s already there, having starred in the latest episode entitled “19 Down” as Professor Raymond Langston. This new character is consulted on a case in this and the following episode, and is slated to join the CSI team as a level 1 CSI right around the same time Grissom leaves.




I know, Grissom leaving is horrible. That character after all, did hold the show together. However, I truly think Fishburne can pull it off. He’s got the same patient instructor drawl, the same enjoyment of fine things, and the same quirky bent that Grissom had, just about different things. Think a little bit of the Matrix character we know and love, dropped into CSI Las Vegas, and boy do we have a recipe for good times!


Read more about the changes at Entertainment Weekly and CBS: CSI!


Written by Alicia Glass







December 31, 2008
















Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Channel: Discovery

Studio: Beyond Entertainment

Age: 10+

Review Rating: 8 out of 10


Two special effects experts, with 30 years of experience between them and three junior Mythbusters accompanying them, attempt to debunk urban myths by actually testing them live.


This show is really fantastic, especially if you can catch some of the earlier seasons, because frankly, these later seasons are running out of ideas and myths to test or bust. Nevertheless, every single episode includes an explosion of some kind, it’s a Mythbusters guarantee!


The two main hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, work very well together and that’s good, considering they’re rather opposite personality-wise. While Adam tosses stuff together and screams “Work!” when it doesn’t, Jamie will methodically plot out each and every single boring step with single minded determination. (And of course, Jamie’s ideas usually work.) Joining them, we have the junior Mythbusters who got relegated to full time in the later seasons: Tore Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara. And of course each of the assistant hosts have their own quirks. Grant will make a robot for, well gee, just about anything. Kari, despite or maybe because of being a vegetarian, usually gets stuck with the really strange animal jobs, like shaving a goat skin or rendering animal fat. And Tore, well, he’s just crazy and wants to do every single bodily stunt himself. Look at him go arse over teakettle repeatedly!


It’s generally rather difficult to make science and learning FUN. This show, by incorporating science in with big BOOMs and lots of laughter, manages it nicely.