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November 18, 2009

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: ABC’s V

Age: 14+

Review Rating: 8

 A remake of a wildly popular 80’s Sci-Fi show, V features a race of aliens come to earth known as the Visitor’s, or V’s, who slowly infiltrate everything on Earth to reveal a diabolical plot against the humans.

 The good news is, if you’re a fan of the original series, the remade series will blow your mind. The alien ships have had a CGI makeover, as we all knew they would. Morena Baccarin of Firefly and Stargate SG-1 fame gives a wonderfully icy performance as Anna, leader of the V’s, and I would guess equivalent to the classic Diana. The thrust-upon leader of the Resistance is still a blond female, but oh yeah baby, this time she’s an FBI agent who kicks serious ass. Elizabeth Mitchell of Lost fame portrays her. There is still exciting tightrope tension between a leading world reporter and the V commanders, but of course Scott Wolf is remarkably different from the gruff and capable reporter turned resistance fighter of the original series, played by Marc Singer. We still have the iconic black guy in the resistance, but this time, he’s a V who’s apparently a soldier of some kind who turned coat and decided to aid the humans after all. There is, so far, a lot more about the V’s themselves, the wars they apparently fought eachother with and the defecting of various military style outfits. Which leads me to an interesting question: if a visiting alien race is showing empathy and compassion towards the atrocities they themselves committed on us humans, is it called showing humanity, or alien-ity?

 There is bad news, unfortunately. For those of us who are fans of the original show, well. This new show of course doesn’t have Robert Englund as a V human sympathizer. And yes, the Mike Donovan equivalent of this show, the reporter that ignites a firestorm against the V’s, is so far a complete wuss as far as physical fighting goes. Those of us who’ve seen both the classic and this new show are likely to enjoy this new one for it’s sheer improvement value if nothing else. However, for anyone raised in the United States with a healthy interest in the Sci-Fi genre, this new V has as yet to distinguish itself from other giants like Battlestar Galactica. If it’s all been done before, then this new V will have to work much more hard and be much more vigilant if it doesn’t want to simply fade out, head hung in shame, as with most remakes these days. It hasn’t happened, yet! Let us pray (or prey) that it doesn’t.

Whether V stands for Victory or Visitor, watch the show and make your choice!



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