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January 19, 2010



Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Warning! Spoiler Review!


Creator: Remi Aubuchon & Ronald D. Moore

Studio: David Eick Productions

Age: 15+

Review Rating: 7.5

Set 50 years before the events of Battlestar Galactica, Caprica tells the tragic and amazing events that led to the creation and rise of the Cylons.

 What we have here is a fairly simplistic plot that they’re enlarging on as much as possible, in true BSG fashion. And while we’re fine with that, Caprica is admittedly a lot more like a soap opera drama, than a sci-fi action drama, consider yourself warned. Basically we’ve got the colonial planet Caprica, where humans exist in relative peace and not a whole lot is really going on…yet. Esai Morales stars as Joseph Adama, father to Edward James Olmos’ Admiral Adama from BSG. Eric Stoltz is cast in the role of grieving father Daniel Greystone, searching for answers after his daughter was murdered. Zoe Greystone is played by Alessandra Torresani, and she’s got an interesting mix of minx and innocent going.

 The pilot show itself is very dark, and the producers of the show swear the rest of the show isn’t going to be like that. (Which is a shame, really.) In a Twelve Colonies version of a racist act, underworld lawyer Joseph’s wife and daughter are blown to smithereens. I guess that means the Admiral will have a different mother, or something. And then we have Daniel Greystone, incredibly wealthy owner of a technology corporation, obsessed with bringing his own daughter back however he can. Greystone happens to discover that his daughter was using a computer game with an avatar before she died, and that avatar still exists out there. Adama and Greystone happen to meet, and as Greystone fanatically talks about bringing both their daughters back, Adama wrestles with the notion and it’s implications.

 There is already quite a bit of controversy surrounding the pilot of Caprica and it’s ties to Battlestar Galactica. I doubt the show will lack for human drama, but there is no guarantee the fan base will be same, or as fanatical. Give it a try and decide for yourself.

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Battlestar Galactica: The Plan

November 10, 2009















Reviewed by Alicia Glass


Age: 14+

Review Rating: 8

 Experience most of the story of Battlestar Galactica all over again: humanity’s struggle for survival and the Cylon battle for existence, but this time from the Cylon point of view.

First off, if you’re not a fan of BSG, there really is absolutely no point in trying to watch this straight-to-DVD movie release. Without having watched the four amazing seasons of the remade Battlestar Galactica, that won numerous awards, a legion of die-hard fans and a huge amount of criticism, you won’t be able to enjoy this movie to it’s fullest. That being said, and as I am huge fan of BSG, on with the review!

 Yes, it’s from the Cylon point of view, sure. Dean Stockwell stars as Brother Cavil, also known as Number One. And while he certainly does an adequate job at trying to get his Cylon brethren to do their fraking job already and kill a bunch of pivotal humans, I just can’t get around remembering him as Al in Quantum Leap. Certainly both Sci-fi series, but they’re very very different from eachother. We have a pair of Sixes running around, the one that seduces Gaius and the one that, well, is generally a whore who likes killing people and telling Number One how he keeps messing things up. Boomer, also known as Sharon, or Number Eight if you like, is here too, and boy is she angsting about lying to the humans (and herself) and shooting the Admiral. There is actually rather little about Starbuck and her being…well, we honestly couldn’t tell from those last few episodes of BSG what the frak she’s supposed to be, a Cylon or an “Angel” or whatever else. Leobon, the Cylon who tortured Starbuck, is in there, but he seems to take a distinctly protective turn towards Starbuck, at least when talking to Number One.

 And unfortunately that’s pretty much it. The Cylons have their plan and as we all know, it didn’t work. The movie runs through the pivotal moments of the show: the destruction of Caprica, the shooting of Adama, the death of Boomer, and a bunch of other things. And yes, you do see bits of the Cylon POV interlaced with those scenes, Edward James Olmos, who directed this film, did a very seamless job. The film is rather abruptly ended with the capture and subsequent deaths of the two Number One copies aboard Galactica. There is a memorable scene, for those of us BSG fanatics towards the beginning of the film, where the Hybrid informs the Cylons of this gem of storytelling:

 “Progress reports arriving. The farms of Aerilon are burning. The beaches of Canceron are burning. The plains of Leonis are burning. The jungles of Scorpia are burning. The pastures of Tauron are burning. The harbors of Picon are burning. The cities of Caprica are burning. The oceans of Aquaria are burning. The courthouses of Libran are burning. The forests of Virgon are burning. The Colonies of Man lie trampled at our feet.”


True BSG fan-atics will most likely greatly enjoy this little-known slice of fun.



Battlestar Galactica Rules, So Say We All!

March 11, 2009


Reviewed by Alicia Glass

The incredibly popular Battlestar Galactica remake that’s been burning up the screen of the Sci-Fi Channel doesn’t fail to deliver shocking twists and surprises, right up to the very end!


It’s no secret that BSG fans screamed and ranted and raved when we heard BSG was getting cancelled. Finish the fourth season, yes okay, and that’s it. No real reason was given, at least from what I heard (or didn’t hear) but I’m betting that the good folks at the Sci-Fi Channel didn’t want BSG to go the way Stargate SG:1 did. Which is to say, it went for 10 seasons or more and while SG1 did still have a legion of rabid fans, the writers were exhausted and it was showing. I think the good folks at Sci-Fi decided to leave off BSG on the best note they possibly could. And as much as I loved the show and want it to continue, I can understand where they’re coming from.


And then of course, after the sword of Damocles called cancellation was announced, soon thereafter was the writers strike. Oh, how irritating. Yes, I understand the writers complaints and why they went on strike. But they need to realize some very simple harsh truths: fans are fickle, fans have a short attention span, and most fans are fan-atics. Which basically means when BSG finally did come back on the air in January of 2009, after a hiatus of almost eight months, they faced a much more unforgiving audience. How fortunate for their writers that true BSG fans really are die-hard. To the point of drop-kicking the TiVO if it fails to cooperate and record the show already!




And as for the actual last few shows that we die-hard fans are being treated to, well. We have come to expect the entirely unexpected from BSG, and boy are them writers making a career out of making us totally right! I don’t think anyone expected Ellen Tigh to show back up, especially as any kind of Cylon, given how she died. Poor Starbuck is still doing the half commando kick-much-ass-age pilot thing, along with the half-mad seer of visions and prophecy thing at the same time. Which is a really odd move on the writers parts, but hey, it seems to be working. The Final Five think they’re all together and the crews of survivors left are now living and working in more or less civility with the Cylons from the base ship near them. But how long will that hold? Poor Sam’s gone from the freedom fighter he was to a jacked-in Cylon with a bullet hole in the back of his head, spouting prophecy with terrible machine-like precision. The Admiral still rocks my world, but his oldest love, and I don’t mean Laura Roslin, the ship itself, the Battlestar Galactica, is finally falling apart. It’s a fitting end for a show that takes into account all sorts of mysticism and strange things, but also the normal everyday things like fuel and where are we going to get food?

No matter how the show ends, even if they pull off something even –I- didn’t see coming, the horde of BSG fans will be disappointed. Not because the ending wasn’t up to their standards, but because they’ll be sad to see such a truly wonderful show end.