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Lie To Me

February 4, 2009


Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Creator: Samuel Baum

Studio: 20th Century Fox Studios

Age: 17+

Review Rating: 8 out of 10


The Lightman Group, headed by Cal Lightman, is an elite team of deception experts who work assist federal law enforcement, government agencies, the military, local police and many others, at discovering the truth in their more difficult cases.


Fairly often, when a huge screen star goes from movies to his own television series, it bombs horribly. However, especially recently, that hasn’t been the case. First it was Laurence Fishburne going to CSI: LV, and now we have everyone’s favorite smartass, the redoubtable Tim Roth, taking the lead in Lie To Me. And every single tic, every smirk, every line delivered in a dry British snappy way, is one more bit of proof that Roth is every bit as good on the smaller screen.


Dr. Lightman is joined at the Group by Dr. Gillian Foster, Cal’s partner in the solving of crime, with a much more experimental attitude toward life. Eli Loker, the Lightman Group’s lead researcher, is a little handful, as he’s decided the best way to get by in a job like this is to practice what he calls “radical honesty”. As in, he tells the truth, all the time. There is a memorable scene where he and the newest recruit, a natural talent named Ria Torres, have banter involving potential sex and both parties leave with a smirk. Oh yes.


This really is an awesome show, so far. Like CSI, which I adore, only with facial response recognition and the like as lie detectors. And someone who works on that show has a very cheeky sense of humor, as often when Lightman points out a facial tic as a deception, at the commercial breaks there are pictures tossed into the out-tro featuring famous faces making those tics. Like oh I don’t know, former president Clinton. Or O.J. Ah, to be able to imply so much while actually saying very little.


Roth rocks my socks, and this show fits him to a T!