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Human Target

April 15, 2010


Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: Bonanza Productions

Review Rating: 7

Ex-mercenary Christopher Chance, Ex-Cop Winston, and Ex-who-knows Guerrero band together to run a business that involves getting good people out of very tight spots, with the Mafia, the military, and just about everything in between.

So far, I am sorry to say given that it IS a Fox Network show, Human Target has managed to stay as simple filler for me. Sure, I have it set to record on the DVR, and sure, I watch it soon after the show is recorded. But I, if given the choice, would just as soon watch Burn Notice, which has a very similar if not better premise. And well, they were here first.

Mark Valley stars as Chance, and he does a certainly creditable job for the character they gave him, which I’m sorry to say wasn’t much. Chi McBride lends dry comedy as ex-cop and business managing worrywart Winston, I’ve always liked McBride, and this particular character seems a walk in the park for him. And of course, my personal favorite, Jackie Earl Haley, soon to be the next Freddy Krueger, lends signifigant nutty power to the character of Guerrero. The little guy, compared to the rest of them, is indeed the scariest and most dangerous of all – you’re never sure whether “What’s up dude?” or “DIE!” is going to fall out of Guerrero’s mouth.

The show of course follows the fairly standard method of several episodes establishing the character of the three main guys, mostly with Chance himself running around saving people, often attractive women mixed up in something they oh gee can’t handle, with Guerrero and Winston running backup. Late in the season they decided to continue with the standard lineup, which is to say the time came to dive into Chance’s own backstory. But well, they failed to catch my interest. We know Chance is a former mercenary who had a change of heart when he failed to protect the woman he was supposed to execute but went on the run with instead, and it haunts him still. That’s so unoriginal it’s just sad. What I’d really like is Winston and Guerrero’s back story, personally. The secondary characters never get enough backstory attention in my opinion.

Human Target just recently aired Season 1’s finale, which I take to mean Season 2 is already in the works. Here’s hoping, with plenty of boring groundwork laid, we can go back to the FUN blow-stuff-up scenes!