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Shark Week Returns on Discovery

August 1, 2010

By Angie Quidim

Probably one of my most favorite education programs that ever graced a cable station, Shark Week, starts today (8/1/2010).  This full week consists of aerial shots of great whites, habitat documentaries of the bull and tiger sharks as well as the feeding frenzies of basic shark behavior.  Some shows may be a too graphic for children under the age of 6 but it is quite an experience visualizing these natural warriors. 


Premiering Sunday, August 1, 9PM e/p
Off the coast of South Africa, massive great white sharks blast from the water, pulling a sneak attack on their seal prey. Shark expert Chris Fallows and filmmaker Jeff Kurr (AIR JAWS, AIR JAWS 2) arrive on the scene to investigate the aerial attacks using state-of-the-art technology including an HD camera that shoots in super slow motion – 2,000 frames per second. This enables the team to slow down a breaching shark from one second of real time to almost a minute, and in so much detail you can literally count every tooth in the shark’s mouth. Fallows and Kurr also employ a submarine and remotely operated helicopter to capture this incredible footage.


Premiering Monday, August 2, 9PM e/p
In Shark Attack Survival Guide, host Terry Schappert puts his Special Forces training to the test to demonstrate to viewers how to survive devastating shark attacks. What do you do when attacked by a shark in shallow water? What’s the one thing to remember when confronted with one Earth’s largest predators while on a deep water dive? Terry immerses himself in these deadly scenarios and reveals the secrets to escaping these terrifying shark encounters alive.


Premiering Monday, August 2, 10PM e/p
Shark attack survivors recall six bloody tales of what happens when humans unwittingly find themselves face to face with the ocean’s top predator. Australian Navy Diver Paul De Gelder is on an anti-terrorist mission, when suddenly, he becomes the hunted. When a great white shark catapults him into the air, Paul Buckley lands on its tail and holds on for dear life. Paddy Trumbull loses 40% of her blood, and most of her “bottom,” when a shark sneaks up behind her near the Great Barrier Reef. Champion Surfer Todd Murashige had promised his wife he would quit surfing and take care of his family. Now it may be too late, as he lies dying on a Hawaii beach.
Premiering Tuesday, August 3, 9PM e/p
In 2008, fear gripped beaches along the coast of California and Mexico in the wake of multiple horrific shark attacks. SHARK BITE BEACH returns to the site of the attacks to recreate the dramatic stories of survival and search for clues that might explain why sharks mistook humans for prey that fateful summer.

Premiering Wednesday, August 4, 10PM e/p
Late, Late Show Host, CRAIG FERGUSON has always loved SHARK WEEK. But when he gets the chance to get off the couch and be in the show, he gets in way over his head. Discovery wants him go to the Bahamas to swim with, touch, and, if he has the guts, FEED sharks. And Ferguson starts to have second thoughts about getting close to the apex predators of the sea. Especially since he will not have the protection of a cage. Everything Ferguson sees and experiences reminds him of what he has learned from watching the Discovery Channel. Woven into Ferguson’s journey are clips from the scariest, most exciting moments of the last 20 years of SHARK WEEK. The results are funny, scary, and ultimately very moving. Terrified of getting in the water and too proud not to, Ferguson makes the leap into an ocean full of hungry sharks.

For more information on Shark Week on Discovery click here.