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Burn Notice Season 3

June 19, 2009


Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Creator: Matt Nix

Studio: Fox Television Studios

Age: 17+

Website: Burn Notice

Review Rating: 8


Tagline: “My name is Michael Westin. I used to be a spy, until, ‘We’ve got a burn notice on you, you’re blacklisted.’ When you’re burned, you’ve got nothing. No cash, no credit, no job history. You’re stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in. ‘Where am I?’ ‘Miami.’ You do whatever work comes your way. You rely on anyone who’s still talking to you: a trigger-happy ex-girlfriend, an old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI, family too, if you’re desperate. Bottom line, as long as you’re burned, you’re not going anywhere.”


Michael Westin is back, with Fiona and Sam and yes even mom always ready to back him up, with a whole new set of issues and a brand new watchdog in Detective Paxson, played by Moon Bloodgood!


Okay so yes, our favorite super spy turned do-gooder vigilante has finally gotten free of the organization who burned him. That doesn’t bring him any closer to the truth of that organization, but hey, he’s rid of Carla too, so that’s fine. However, telling off the organization that burned you, yes, generally means you upset them and they remove their dubious protections against the police, other spy agencies, and foreign interests. That means, dear fans and friends, that Michael gets to run around Miami with people like nosy cops, an attractive Detective Paxson for one, who’s quite interested in the enigmatic Michael Westin and his compatriots, chasing him and checking out his storage lockers. We still have the wonderfully dry narrations, spy tips and badass missions led by Michael and backed up by everyone’s favorite psycho gun-nut Fiona, and the free-loading buddy Sam in the suit and fake badge. Throwing in the bits with his chain-smoking mother and deadbeat brother, well yes there is plenty, but I personally think it’s extraneous fluff. Michael can get his humanity moments from the ‘clients’ he manages to save. Anyway, season 3 is on tv right now, on USA Thursdays at 9pm!