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The Colony: Season 2

July 31, 2010

The Colony

Airs Tuesday Nights at 10pm

Discovery Channel

by Angie Quidim 

The Colony is an experiment where several people undergo strenuous situations in anapocalyptic environment.  The crew will have 50 days (10 episodes) to create shelter, secure a reliable food and water source, while creating a society in which they all can exist peacefully.  They are tested mentally, physically and emotionally in different scenarios through the series.  Experts in disaster preparedness make educated guesses as to the reactions and give their two cents as the situations arise in the show. 

 The first season included a very good handful of people that you would want to be around.  There was a mechanic, two carpenters, and engineer, a martial arts instructor, a doctor, a nurse, and a marine biologist.  The first experiment was in a warehouse district in Los Angeles.  The compound was enclosed and the colonists had to use the resources around them to create livable conditions.  This experiment was a success as you watched human ingenuity at work.  There were able to create filtered water, a reliable good source and a secure home base as well as create some modern day conveniences such as a washer, shower, soap, communications station, and an oven.

The conclusion of this season was the colonists abandoning their home to travel to a new shelter where survivors have amassed up north. 

In this season of The Colony, the survivors are moved by the military, to a safe zone after a viral outbreak that wipes out most of humanity.  This nuclear virus takes about 48 hours to incubate and kill a person form fever, lack of oxygen and infection, The surroundings are in Louisiana after a major catastropy.  There is no pre planned course of action….Their MO is just to survive.

This series reminds me of shows like the reality hit Survivor or the longstanding series LOST.  It is interesting to really see human ingenuity at work when you have absolutely nothing.  This show may be a little graphic for children, as there is some violence and adult situations they may not understand, but all in all, it demonrates what it means to be a survivalist wben tested.

Click here for the The Colony website.


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